Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things about me.....

So there is this thing going around on Facebook where you list 25 different things about yourself. I never really liked doing these, but I think that I will. Just for you!

  1. I love being married. There is just something about knowing you always have someone to come home to, that loves you, and cares for you.
  2. I love my dog Max to itty bitty little pieces. If he was edible I would want to eat him right up.
  3. My husband has to check our bedroom closet every night before I can go to bed....(I think I watch way to many scary movies)
  4. I want to dye my hair red.
  5. I LOVE the movie Elf. I watch it all the time (even when it is not Christmas), and I could probably recite all the lines for you.
  6. I have a pink wind-up T-Rex toy sitting on my desk at work (And I play with it often)
  7. I also have a stuffed Monkey, named Margarita, on my desk.
  8. I have pictures of random people in my house (Don't worry they are sample pictures of my clients)
  9. I wear a size 11 shoe.
  10. I LOVE my Wii and play it every chance I get.
  11. I am totally addicted to my Blackberry, and I have it on me at all times.
  12. I have way too many pictures of my dog.
  13. As much of a girly, girly as I am, I love camping, and could do it for days on end.
  14. I hate laundry, and always have a ton of it to do....Always.
  15. My favorite photography sessions are engagement sessions.
  16. I have over 15 purses...(and they all cost way to much)
  17. I taught myself how to play the piano.
  18. I love to craft, and make homemade cards.
  19. I own way to many pairs of shoe (some that I have not even worn)
  20. I really want to take some pictures in a parking garage, but can't find anyone to do it for me (let me know if you want to...wink, wink)
  21. I had a fish named husband killed him.
  22. I just took down my Christmas tree.
  23. I help my husband with his little football team, even tough we don't have a kid on the team, and I love it (but don't tell me husband)
  24. My favorite shoot that I have done so far, was Jessie and Here to see.
  25. Last but not least.......I hate to drive.

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V Ron said...

we loved working with you as well! Which reminds me...we need to schedule something!